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Thursday, May 02, 2002
Today in US History we watched a documentary on Pearl Harbor. War is so sad. Though I really haven't seen a war it has still affected my life. Weird. School was good today...came home with a bad headache and i went to sleep. about 7:00 i wake up (and i think its morning) and i ask myself why i went to sleep with my makeup and clothes on. I also question why its so light outside. Then i realize that its not morning...thank the Lord. Today was National Day of Prayer and I have not found myself praying. Only that God would guard my heart from evil boys. My friend Amy wrote a guy (James) a letter telling him she liked him. He wrote her back. I thought that was very very awesome and sweet. The foreign people are coming to work at my work soon...people from Scotland, Ireland, Romania, Armenia, Latvia, Germany and many more places. They are so wonderful and i learn so much from them. I am really looking forward to a summer packed with headrattling languages that are all being spoken at once. Anyways. Nothin else.

posted by Jessica Edwards 6:36 PM
Wednesday, May 01, 2002
Got back from church, it was really good tonight. There really wasn't a lesson just a lot of praise and worship. There was also a video on sexual purity. It was blunt and to the point..i wish i would have seen it sooner. Well time for bed. more blogging later.
posted by Jessica Edwards 6:55 PM
I have noticed over the last couple of days a lot that i have never noticed. Like how wonderful it is to walk where there is grass and when the sun is shining. How your best friend really isn't your best friend and how you cannot always win even when you have nothing and the other person has everything. I have also learned a lot in the last couple days. Your mom is ALWAYS right. God is more awesoem that i ever imagined...i owe so much to Him. and that people aren't going to hurt much. There is a guy named Sam. He is really really nice. He is from Washington..has some Romanian connection...not sure how though. He is just so great to talk to. Last night a guy told me that i would be a great person to snuggle with and go to sleep with (not sex wise). I didn't know if i should take this as a snuggle with your dog...i dunno. My friend in NY hasn't emailed me or snail mailed me...or anything. I think it really is time to let go. Apart from all this learning and realization i like to read...and i am reading a book about a girl who goes into the navy or something like that. Looks good. Church is tonigiht...and i have to clean off the i will be gone. God Bless and Good night.
posted by Jessica Edwards 1:22 PM
Sunday, April 28, 2002
Another day...sunday to be exact. I made under 20 dollars today..very bad. I had a total of 3 tables. I found out my friend isn't exactly a good friend..she likes to flirt with a guy i like and other things that arent to friend like. i don't know. talkin to james ...well kinda. hes not exactly talking...but neither am i =)im tired,...have school tomorrow...and im rambling about absolutly nothing. i don't have interesting blogs like other people. maybe becuase i have nothin interesting in my well.
posted by Jessica Edwards 4:40 PM