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Sunday, May 12, 2002
There is a guy named Nick who gives me bad he is stalking me or something. He is really nice though and he asked me to be his g/f but I said no due to my own reasons. I had to work today. Made about 40. Not to shabby for a Sunday. I went and saw my friend James last night at the Lazy i. He did very well for his first time. I really enjoy listening to him play. I saw my grandfather today. He is not doing well...infact he hasn't been since WWII was over. Something happened to him while he was over there....yes he was shot in the mouth but there has to be more because he is really messed up. I really want to know about his experience in WWII...I don't want all his secrets dying with them. I want to be able to tell his stories to my grandchildren. I am afraid to ask him because of what happened to him while he was there...hes one of the soldiers who gave all. Well thats all for tonight. I am going to bed.
posted by Jessica Edwards 5:34 PM