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Sunday, May 26, 2002
Wow...havent been here in forever. Well a lot has happened. My brother graduated. Kinda best friend also graduated and she is moving to another state in a month or so. But then she is going to college about 3 hours away. so its all good. Edwin Mccain is coming to the house of blues so that makes me overly happy. i have a summer full of working then i get to see edwin. and in june there is somethign called beachfest, its a christian convention and audio adrenalin is gunna be there along with toby mack (from dc talk) and kirk franklin and also point of grace adn the catinas. its going to be great! school got over with last week and i think i did pretty good on my exams...not to sure. there is this guy named adam who i used to date back in the day. and every three or so months he will call me to do something with him...and being the silly girl i am i say yes cuz secretly i am still in love with him. Why? you might ask...i dont' know. well thats it for now.
posted by Jessica Edwards 7:29 PM